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When it’s about doing and managing businesses in Dubai, the strategy of payroll outsourcing is adopted by businesses to streamline operations and promote employee satisfaction. Hiring professional payroll services for companies in Dubai is the smartest move by firms and businesses that are laser-focused on growth without impacting employee performance and drawing unwanted legal consequences. While outsourcing dedicated payroll services in Dubai is the most feasible way to manage employee compensation and benefits, there are certain prevailing myths related to payroll that might make you consider otherwise.

Here we will be debunking some common payroll myths backed by facts to help you get the best payroll services for your business.


Payroll outsourcing is budget exhausting: While some businesses don’t mind investing in specialized payroll services for long-term benefits, mid-sized businesses assume payroll to be quite expensive. But the reality is by outsourcing payroll you can get rid of the stress to hire and train in-house staff thus reducing training costs and saving time to invest in productivity.


You have to outsource the entire payroll: Outsourcing payroll doesn’t mean you have to pay for the whole process. Leading payroll outsourcing companies like Orion Infinity HR Solutions offer tailored payroll services for your business like employee benefits administration, tax filing and compliance, time and attendance tracking, self-service portals, custom reporting, and so on. You can opt and pay only for the specialized payroll services that your company needs and even have complete control over the entire process and decision-making.


Fear of data loss: Many businesses believe that outsourcing payroll might expose their employee data to risks, which is normal. As leaked employee compensation data can put a company’s reputation at stake is what most companies feared about. But the reality is, with an experienced and technically-equipped payroll service provider your employee data is in safe hands and ensures optimum security and faster data recovery. All you need is to reach a competent and professional payroll service provider that prioritizes data security.


Transitioning can be time-consuming: The idea of transitioning from in-house to outsourcing payroll is assumed to be quite daunting by some but in reality, the shift is quite smooth. This happens when you approach a professional payroll service company equipped with upgraded infrastructure. Since an experienced payroll firm manages a host of payroll accounts for different companies, their onboarding process is professional, fast, and hassle-free.


Payroll outsourcing is only for the giants: Many smaller companies think that hiring a professional team of payroll service providers is only for the big enterprises as there is a budget issue. But if you are planning to launch a business in Dubai, hiring a professional is important to streamline the payroll process and safeguard your set up from unwanted legal hassles and paying hefty fines.


Now that you know the precise facts, it’s high time to hire a professional payroll service provider to experience the difference between myth and reality. Hiring a competent payroll service provider can be the best decision for a fair and transparent payroll process, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. For professional payroll service assistance, reach out to the qualified experts at Orion Infinity HR Solutions for tailored payroll service support and business requirement.

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