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How to handle payroll for remote or distributed teams with payroll services? | Orion Infinity HR

Managing the payroll for a remote global workforce is a paramount concern since it involves crucial nitty gritties of crediting fair pay and other employee benefits in compliance with local labor laws. And managing multi-currency remote payroll for a globally expanded business in Dubai must be done with 100% accuracy in order to avoid legal penalties and hefty fines. It is mandatory for every small and big private business in Dubai to be enlisted with the UAE wage protection system (WPS) for disbursement of timely salary under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization (MOHRE).

If you are also among the responsible businesses to enable remote working for your global team, then outsourcing a professional team is the smartest way to ensure error-free salary disbursement across borders. Wondering why hiring a payroll service is important to manage your global payroll process in Dubai?

Managing payroll is beyond just salary disbursement. The entire process entails managing bonuses, social taxes, commissions, keeping track of employee working hours, and even paying the stakeholders. To manage the payroll of remote or distributed teams, you must outsource a competent team of payroll experts for smooth and accurate management of multiple payment streams.

Now that you understood the importance of outsourcing payroll for your remote and distributed teams, it’s time to connect with the experts (CTA) of Orion Infinity HR and streamline the process. Here are some proven tips to accurately handle payroll for the remote workforce:

Connect with professionals: Onboarding a specialized payroll management solution cut off your extra operational hassles to a great extent. Instead of investing in upgrading your in-house payroll team, the best is to hire experts who have considerable experience and updated skills in managing remote payroll processes.

Outsource end-to-end service providers: Though your primary focus is payroll, running a company seamlessly in Dubai involves various other challenges like managing visas, employee benefits, insurance, labor law, and taxes to offer employees complete transparency of the company policy and system.

Better analytics: Monthly work analysis and wage decision-making are crucial aspects of the payroll process. Hiring a qualified payroll management service provider ensures that all the crucial and confidential employee pay and benefits data are securely stored and be fetched anytime for informed decision-making.

Streamlined process: Outsourcing payroll management ensures an integrated and synergic payroll process to help maintain the accountability of international payment disbursement. When backed by a team of competent payroll professionals, companies are assured of end-to-end streamlined payroll management.

Outsourcing specialized payroll solution providers arm your business with the confidence to operate in compliance with the local payroll protocol and avoid unwanted hassles. Orion Infinity HR Solutions is a specialized international payroll service provider that offers advanced payroll management solutions for your remote workforce in Dubai and other parts of the globe. Consult our experts today for proven payroll solutions across 26+ sectors such as construction, oil and refinery, tourism, health, hospitality, and much more. With 17+ years of experience, Orion Infinity HR offers reliable and compliant payroll with deserving local perks and benefits.