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Managing payroll is a crucial part of the business process to keep employees happy and the brand image intact. And when you have a flourishing business in Dubai, payroll management becomes one of the most tedious and complicated processes to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time with applicable benefits. Failing which, can bring your business unwanted legal hassles. Handling the complex payroll process in UAE requires years of professional accounting expertise and is best to be analysed and executed only by a team of payroll specialists.

Before we dive into the best possible ways to improve payroll efficiency, let’s have a quick brief on the UAE Regulations on employee wages:

According to the 2019 revised Ministerial Decree (No.739) on the Protection of Employee Wages, all registered businesses in the UAE must abide by the Wage Protection System (WPS) and ensure the timely disbursing of employee wages. The law also strictly mentions that local regulators must never deal with businesses unregistered with the UAE WPS system.

In violation of the above-mentioned laws, you are subject to incurring fines and penalties by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

So, buckle up for a gripping read to improve the payroll efficiency of your UAE-based business:

Managing the complex UAE payroll while meeting the national and international level of service quality expectations is now achievable by outsourcing payroll service for your business. Orion Infinity HR Solutions is one such reputed payroll service provider in UAE that diligently takes care of all your payroll concerns so you can 100% focus on productive aspects of your business.

A better understanding of service scope: Before hiring specialized payroll management services, you must define the scope to be fulfilled by a professional agency. Even if you are not specific about the services you need, the experts of the Orion Infinity payroll team will definitely help you in outlining the clear scope of services you need and our duties to streamline your company’s payroll. We provide tailor-made payroll management to meet specific business needs like WPS setup, end-of-service calculations, payslip distribution, report generation, salary transfer, and leave management.

Real time quality service: Because of our strategic presence in Dubai, we simplify your payroll process quicker in situations like sudden inspection of the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization) inspector. Once we sign the deal we are committed to real-time quality service to improve the efficiency of your payroll management.

Service Level Agreement: Before hiring a professional payroll service provider, make sure the company provides other specialized services, so you don’t have to consider other options during emergency operational needs. The Service Level Agreement of Orion Infinity HR ­­­­­is cost-efficient and flexible to suit your payroll management system. Right from the minute of onboarding our SLA includes:

  • Managing visa, insurance, and payroll of your team
  • Managing employment benefits and salary disbursing
  • Services in compliance with labor laws and taxes
  • Customizing services as per the company’s payroll policies

Why outsource a payroll service?

Outsourcing payroll services unlock more efficiency since it is mostly managed by experienced people with a better understanding of the interfaces, and documentation and advised the best solution to streamline your payroll management.

If you own a business in Dubai, it’s time to upgrade your payroll management to make flawless performance audits. We at Orion Infinity HR Solutions offer specialized payroll management services across vast sectors like hospitality, oil & refinery, mining, and financial services, to name a few. Reach our experts today to streamline your payroll management and unravel opportunities.