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Payroll: Outsourcing Vs In- House: How to Choose

Managing payroll is not an easy task especially when you have an international business set up in a foreign location like Dubai. Outsourcing payroll is specifically advantageous for start-up companies planning to enter the Dubai market that have budget constraints and faces challenges related to coping with the new or revised employment legislations. Failing which, can cost the company its reputation and growth in the highly competitive UAE market.

This is why visionary companies outsource payroll services in Dubai to cut down operational costs while ensuring 100% accuracy and transparency in the payroll process. If you are new to Dubai, take the smartest decision to cut off the extra costs of paying an in-house payroll team with added disadvantages of inaccuracy, inefficiency, employee dissatisfaction, and paying hefty fines to the local authority.

The followings are some of the drawbacks of an In-house payroll team:

The time-consuming process is the biggest drawback of an in-house team when you have to disburse payment to a sizable workforce. Besides disbursing salary and employee benefits, monitoring and reporting employee onboarding costs is also a huge responsibility for the in-house team, processing which can be a time-consuming deal, especially with an outdated payroll model.

As the owner or manager, you have to take the final call or stay involved in reviewing which elevates inconvenience and frustration. Reviewing payroll adds to your to-do list even if you are not directly managing it.

Unable to fully integrate with business solutions like HR, health benefits, time tracking, and other operations functionalities leads to added disadvantages.

Is outsourcing payroll the best solution?

When you are new to the business epicenter of Dubai, outsourcing payroll is the smartest decision to future-proof your business’s payroll process and ensure employee satisfaction. Outsourcing payroll is the simplest way to hire a third-party dedicated professional payroll service or team.

Here are some exclusive tips for outsourcing payroll for your Dubai-based company:

The One that offers simple processing: Since a professional payroll team already serves a set of different clients following a streamlined process, all you need to provide them a list of your payroll concerns and step back. A qualified payroll management company is all set to serve you with complete accuracy, unlike an unorganized in-house payroll team.

Offers 360-degree payroll service: When outsourcing payroll for your team, make sure the company or team is well-versed with the changing Dubai labor law and legislation. Orion Infinity HR Solutions is one of the leading payroll service providers, trusted by leading commercial giants in Dubai.

Here are some of the exclusive payroll benefits offered by the company.

  • Processing payroll in strict compliance with the local labor law
  • Managing Visa, insurance, and payroll under one roof
  • Managing employee benefits, costs, and taxes
  • Reduces operational costs by delivering up to 60% of in-house solutions with improved efficiency and transparency
  • Offer tailored payroll services as per the company’s requirement

Impressive client base: A qualified and experienced payroll management service will have an impressive client base in Dubai, which confirms its expertise and credibility. So, make an informed choice to hire the best payroll management team for your business.

Now, outsource payroll assistance from Orion Infinity HR Solutions, a reputed payroll management company in Dubai. We offer advanced payroll management services across leading commercial sectors in Dubai like natural gas and oil refinery, aviation, hospitality, construction and engineering, and so on. Connect with us for professional payroll assistance at reasonable service packages.