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Got your operational base in Dubai for your globally expanded business? Then it’s time to deck up the payroll system not only to ensure flawless employee pay benefits but also to avoid being on the strict radar of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) and avoiding paying penalties for the same. The payroll department of any organization is undoubtedly the most complex operational affair that needs to be managed by a team of experienced and advanced payroll specialists.

To avoid unwanted legal circumstances and promote a happy and satisfactory work culture, leading businesses in Dubai are now outsourcing payroll professionals to relieve off the additional operational burden. Moreover, the additional stress of disbursing payment to the global workforce in compliance with the UAE labor laws is of prime importance.

Perks of hiring a professional payroll service provider:

The idea of outsourcing a qualified payroll management service provider enables you and your team to focus more on productivity. And since complying with UAE’s labor law is the ultimate requisite to ensure fair pay, it needs expert third-party assistance for error-free disbursement of payment and other monetary benefits.

Below are some glimpses of the benefits of outsourcing payroll services:

  • Ensuring timely payment
  • Avoid compliance issues
  • The lesser burden on your in-house HR team
  • Lesser challenges in penetrating newer markets
  • Saves considerable time in calculating taxes and deductions that can irk issues with your employee
  • Easy and effective payroll management for your global workforce
  • Error-free distribution of pay slips
  • Simplifies audit and track reporting
  • data and expenses

Professional payroll management is must for the global workforce-WHY?

If you run a multinational, then it is definitely a complex affair to process flawless payroll for each of your employees. Since compliance is a significant challenge for global payroll as it involves a lot of nitty gritties to comply with domestic payroll regulations, can invite unwanted legal complexities. Especially in the UAE, unfair payroll disbursement and WPS fraud that includes

  • Entry of wrong data for evasion can lead to a penalty of AED 50,000
  • AED1,000/ employee reimbursement for failure to pay on due dates
  • Penalty of AED 5,000 for forcing the employee to sign fake pay slips

In extreme cases, the concerned company will be subjected to judicial measures and downgraded to 3rd category.

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