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The role of recruitment firms in providing candidate assessment and screening services

With the transformational shift in career choices, the recruitment process has also exponentially evolved in recent years. And when it’s to hiring qualified and competent human resources in Dubai, the competition gets tougher among organizations to onboard the best. But the entire process of selecting and reviewing the right resume from the heap of applications, to reaching out to the right candidates, conducting one-to-one interviews, document verification to final confirmation is quite time-consuming for the interviewers. Even after through such a hectic process, most companies end up hiring the wrong candidates which leads to huge disappointment in both sides.


So what is the practical way to streamline the recruitment process?

Every organization has an in-house Human Resources (HR) team that is ideally responsible for hiring. But in most cases, this internal HR team often fails to filter the search for core or technical candidates who can be the key asset to an organization. Moreover, most internal hiring and recruitment teams also lack industry-ready skills due to a lack of market insights and access to tools that can simplify the hectic recruitment process. Hence the best approach is to work in a team with an experienced recruitment agency that has considerable years of experience in hiring the best talents in Dubai for leading enterprises.

Only an experienced recruitment agency like Orion Infinity HR Solutions can guide you with the best market insights, candidate profile optimization, and advanced tools to make accurate candidate screening and assessment in just a matter of time.

Here we are summing up the top ways a qualified recruitment team can make candidate assessment, screening, and hiring as simple as a snap.


Skill assessment: As soon as a job vacancy is posted, the applicant portal is flooded with applications, making it tricky and complex for the internal hiring team to filter out the best resume. And this is where skill assessment expertise is needed as the initial stage of screening. The list of candidate evaluation assessments includes their technical and logical skill tests such as psychometric, behavioral, interpersonal, and so on.. Hiring a qualified recruitment agency guides you on the latest assessment test and techniques and tools to save you valuable time in engaging and interacting with the candidates.


Resume reviewing: This is again a crucial candidate screening procedure that involves not only evaluating the resumes but also the cover letters. Nowadays, resume evaluation is done by checking the online profile of the candidates and minute details like their work experience, relevant experience, and key skills to filter out resumes with misleading statements and data. And when you hire a qualified recruitment firm, every specific detail gets expertly screened, eliminating every possibility of compromised selection with the use of the latest technology in reviewing.


Evaluating the online profile of candidates: This is a serious step in candidate assessment and screening and takes long hours to check every social media handle of the candidate to reach the final conclusion. This is indeed a time-consuming and stressful part of screening that fetch the best result when you deploy a professional recruitment firm for the purpose.


One-on-one time: This can be done either face-to-face or virtual, where you get to know more about the candidates. And only a proficient recruitment agency can help in getting away with each round faster and better with unique assessment tips and tricks without compromising on the quality of hires.


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